Are we there, yet?!  Mama can we go swimming now?  Watch me jump off this ginormous rock, Mom!  Sound familiar?  Summer is making its way closer and closer. . .the time for family adventures and memory-making is upon us.  If you’re like me, you want to bottle up these special times and save them forever.  I, personally do that through pictures. . . .and you can too.  These are sweet moments we’ll tend to forget that can only be saved for years of enjoyment through a photo.  So, take your camera on your next adventure!  Whatever camera you have, yes, that’s the one.  Be it a camera in your phone, a point and shoot, or a DSLR; grab it and go!

Okay, Mama, don’t stress everyone out by insisting they all line up in a row and smile perfectly.    A photograph truly becomes a thing a beauty when it captures the relationship between two people.  So, don’t always line them up and make them say “cheese,” {though I will grudgingly admit that there is a place for that now and then. . .minus making them say “cheese” :)}  Instead, capture them as they are!  I looooove this photo, because it is perfectly what my husband and boys are together.  Just be there and capture what is going on around you.

Okay, in this one, I did get their attention so they would look at me for a second, but I didn’t ask them to say “cheese.”  I simply asked Ethan if wading in the river was fun, and this was his response 🙂

Let them be silly!  I captured a few similar to this, but Jordan’s strained (do I have to stand still here) smile was not the one I fell in love with. . .

Capture that moment when your three year old has run off his excess energy and reaches for Daddy’s hand for the rest of the hike back to the car. . .

Photograph them doing what they love or finding something new, and you will get an excitement in your pictures that you can’t produce on your own.

And, a suggestion that I failed to follow on this particular little trip is. . . hand the camera off to someone else and make sure you get in the pictures, too!  Your children will one day want to see you in pictures, too. . .hat hair and all.

 Lastly, make sure to set your camera down and get in on the fun!  Don’t let your family’s only memory of you being somewhere is with you behind the camera.  Just make sure that before you go wading in the river with them, that you take your iPhone out of your pocket and take your DSLR from around your neck, and leave them safely on the shore.  If you don’t you may just slip and fall in the river and put a damper on the rest of the day.  Not that I did that or anything. . .just sayin’ 😉

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